Why Should You Choose UPVC Over Other Materials?

Traditionally, doors and windows were usually made up of wood and aluminium. Steel and PVC have also been used sparingly in some cases. But, with the turn of the decade, UPVC windows have taken over the market in Shropshire. It is one of the most consistent trends that has been loved both by homeowners as well as interior designers. If you compare the materials, UPVC offers a plethora of benefits required for all types of homes. Here are some reasons why you should choose UPVC for your house:

UPVC doors installation

  • Unlike wood, it isn’t porous, which is why it is water-resistant. This eventually means that it will not rot or be infested with termites and other insects. With wood, you will also experience warping and bending, which is not the case with UPVC.
  • Not only is it water-resistant, but it is also the best material for all weathers. It is quite sturdy and can withstand heavy winds and storms, unlike aluminium frames. If you happen to live in a sunny area, you will notice fading and damage in wood and aluminium. With UPVC, you will not have to worry about polishing it once in a while or removing the hard water stains on aluminium frames.
  • Making your home energy-efficient and well-insulated is very important. The creaks and crevices in the wood make it very easy for the wind to seep into the house. As for aluminium, the insulation is utterly dependent upon the glazing you choose.
  • Another priority of a homeowner is safety. UPVC is your best bet when it comes to securing your home. Aluminium is quite flimsy and can easily be broken. The sturdiness and durability offered by UPVC are unmatchable.
  • Aluminium, wood and stainless steel take a lot of work to maintain. It will help if you take good care of them for them to look amazing. But UPVC is quite low maintenance. A simple wet cloth or vacuum cleaner is enough to keep it neat and clean. In case of a bad stain, a mild detergent will be enough to serve the purpose.

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Whether you are building a new home or already own one, UPVC doors installation or replacement will do wonders. It will last you a very long time and doesn’t harm the environment as it is completely recyclable. Cock Shutt Windows offers one of the best services in terms of doors and windows. They aim to give you the best experience with their dedicated solutions.

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